Thanks for a great year on iNat

I've had a great year on iNaturalist, and hope you did too! here's a blog post I wrote with some stats:
Thanks to everyone who's helped identify my more than 15000 observations this year, especially:
· @borisb for identifying my Beetle observations and teaching me so much about them,
· @jurga_li for patiently identifying my Lichen observations,
· @rolftheobo and @epsilon for helping with my German plants,
· @veszt and @georgeg for identifying lots of Mosses,
· @rombrand @irmi and @else for helping with lots of my fungus observations,
· @pdubois and @bbinsecte for correcting lots of Harvestman mistakes,
· @lupoli_roland for identifying my true bugs.,
and 850 more...
You've all encouraged and helped me so much in 2019, and I'm curious to see what next year brings.

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Thank you for thanking... and keep it up!

Publicado por bbinsecte hace más de 4 años

Thank you! And happy new year!

Publicado por veszt hace más de 4 años

Thanks! you too, I'm looking forward to see what 2020 brings.

Publicado por alexis_orion hace más de 4 años

Thank you for the many shared observations and for your interest! Best wishes for 2020!

Publicado por rombrand hace más de 4 años

Happy new year Alexis ! Keep on sharing your observations... ;-)

Publicado por pdubois hace más de 4 años

thanks for appreciating our help! and have a great year 2020

Publicado por irmi hace más de 4 años

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