05 de junio de 2018

Ah... The joy of Human interactions

I received this delightful email yesterday. Not a big deal but the "no attempt" could also be used to describe this persons inability to click on details to see coordinates of each of my observations and the rest of the language used reflects this persons self righteousness, smugness and pretentiousness. I have never received a dime for any of the work I have ever done over the past 20,000 observations so if you find my 20,000 observations useless and that is how they are perceived then all I can say is move on.

"After reading your profile, I have trouble believing that your butterfly records are done so casually, just a county record with no attempt at providing a location description or coordinates. Very disappointing! It means that the records are absoultely useless for any scientific study. Too bad!"

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08 de abril de 2017

City Nature Challenge 2017: Boston Area BioBlitz

Hello everyone. I thought it might be helpful to create a journal post so folks that are participating it the Bioblitz can communicate if they should wish to do so or if any groups are planning on meeting up at any point to look for stuff this may be a good way to communicate and share recommendations on places to visit. Also, if you're not familiar with journal posts you can follow it and be updated when someone posts something here. I also have a portable moth light set up though it's early in the season, some critters might still come to the black light. Does anyone know of a place in the greater Boston area that might allow that to be arranged? Also feel free to share the journal post and Bioblitz page with other inat folks that you think might be interested in participating in the BioBlitz.

Link to the BioBlitz https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/city-nature-challenge-2017-boston-area

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09 de febrero de 2017

Florida road trip. Looking for recommendations.

Hello everyone. I'm in the works of planning a Florida road trip from New England for early to mid May with tentative plans to b line with maybe a stop or two along the way to break up the drive. Looking for recommendations on places to stop on the return. Thinking maybe smoky mountains and Appalachians on the way back up north. My last trip consisted of a plan to photograph a 100 species in each state that I traveled through with an aim to photograph a few specific to locality. That trip ended up being limited to about 75 species per state average due to weather in some cases and time. Hoping to fulfill a similar trip. Hoping to spend 3-4 days in Florida. I would like to go through the Everglades so some one mentioned traveling across Florida to Naples. Taxa of particular interest are Gastropods, millipedes, amphibians, insects and then everything else. If anyone wants to meet up along the way or caravan down let me know. I enjoy meeting new people. I will also have a portable moth/bug light set up so if anyone has a recommendation on where to do that as well it would be appreciated.

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05 de febrero de 2016

Mushroom lovers...

For all you mushroom lovers. I Just felt like sharing a few videos which I think are pretty awesome. If you haven't heard of Paul Stamets, here's your introduction. If either link stops working let me know and I'll do my best to update it.


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