MBP - April Fool's Quiz

This April Fool's Day, I present to you a mix of surprising facts and nonsense for you to sort through. Which of the following are true? Answers will be posted tomorrow.

  1. Many turtle species can breathe through their butts.
  2. Some specialized snake species can hold their tails in their mouths and roll down hills to surprise their prey.
  3. Some species of hummingbirds have been documenting conserving energy during migration by riding on the backs of larger species such as Branta geese and Sandhill Cranes.
  4. The Pirate Perch has an anus that moves from where one would expect it to be on a fish to it's throat.
  5. Some aquatic mammals and a few rodents lack bones to assist with dynamic movement (strong currents, tight crevices).
  6. Shark stomachs have been found containing surprising items, including a suit of armor, a cannonball, and a bottle of wine.
  7. A wasp relative called the Cow Killer is known for large swarms' ability to prey upon large herbivore prey.
  8. Some spiders can throw balls of web and create pheromones to attract specific insect prey.
  9. Arctic Terns migrate from the Arctic to the Antarctic each year. Based on known migrations and lifespan, an individual may fly over a million miles in its lifetime.
  10. Snipe populations are much reduced in some regions due to the pastime of collecting them at night using flashlights and large bags.

Bonus (not scored):
11 - Turtles dream in color

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge this question remains unanswered. Real question - one of my favorites - that I once received from an elementary school class during a presentation. 🙂


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