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09 de diciembre de 2017

EUROMEDITERRANEAN ALIEN SPECIES is looking for collaborators

The issue of biological invasions is getting more and more concerning especially if a biodiversity rich place like the Euromediterranean area is menaced. In this light, an Euromediterranean database of observations of alien species could turn out to be a useful tool to understand which are the most common invaders as well as the most invaded areas.
The project EUROMEDITERRANEAN ALIEN SPECIES (EAS), launched in september, aims at gathering as many as possible observations of alien species in the Euromediterranean area.

In order to improve the monitoring of the observations added to iNaturalist new collaborators could join the project and help adding observations. A wider representativeness of the Euromediterranean users among the collaborators of the AES project will surely result in a better coverage of the observations added in iNat.

You are also kindly invited to spread the word about the EAS project.

The (few) rules of the project:
1) observations that can be added must be only of alien species, even if the species is considered alien in only one country:
2) the project deals with every kind of living beings that are observed in iNaturalist;
3) the area of interest of the project is the same of the Euro+Med Plantbase: (
3) the observed living beings must not be cultivated or captive
4) alien species must be true aliens (observations of doubtfully alien species must not be added while archaeophytes are here considered as true aliens)

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10 de diciembre de 2017

Oenothera: literature useful for the identification of the species of the Euromediterranean area

Floristique du genre Oenothera L., section Oenothera, sous-section Euoenothera (Onagraceae) en France

Il genere Oenothera L. subsect. Oenothera, in Italia (Onagraceae)

Oenothera - Flora Nordica

Systematics of Oenothera Sect. Oenothera Subsect. Oenothera (Onagraceae)

The genus Oenothera (Onagraceae) in Belgium

The species of Oenothera L. in Britain

Oenothera indecora (Onagraceae) a neophyte new to Italy

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15 de diciembre de 2017

18 de diciembre de 2017

Washingtonia: key for its identification


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Verbena: Series Pachystachyae and Verbena + other works

Revisión Taxonómica de las Especies del Género Verbena (Verbenaceae). Serie Pachystachyae (2007)

Revisión Taxonómica de las Especies del Género Verbena (Verbenaceae). II Serie Verbena (2010)

Taxonomic notes on Verbena bonariensis (Verbenaceae) and related species in the USA (2010)

A taxonomic revision of the genus Verbena L. (Verbenaceae) in Australia (2002)

Verbena incompta (Verbenaceae), an overlooked xenophyte in Europe

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22 de diciembre de 2017

Happy holidays!

Best wishes for happy holidays and happy new year to all who contributed to the project!

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23 de diciembre de 2017

Lantana: multiaccess key for its identification

Not just every Lantana is Lantana camara.
This key by meant to provide a tool for the identification of all the Lantana species but could turn out to be particularly useful also for the species that succeed in escaping where they are cultivated:

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26 de diciembre de 2017

Orobanche: one genus or more genera?

The genus Orobanche has been studied from a genetic point of view. From these studies it is shown that at least 4 genera should be recognized:

Old world:

  • Orobanche
  • Phelipanche
  • Boulardia

New world:

  • Aphyllon

These 4 genera are also well distinguished from a morphological point of view.

So, what to do? Would you mantain just one genus or would you rather divide it in 4 genera?

You are also kindly invited to forward this post to all who may be concerned.

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29 de diciembre de 2017

Prosopis: identification of native and alien species

Some species that belong to the genus Prosopis (Fabaceae) have turned out to be important invaders in southeastern Mediterranean. Thus it is important to idstinguish the native species from those that are alien.

Identifying tropical Prosopis species a field guide

The'Prosopis Juliflora'-'Prosopis Pallida'Complex A Monograph

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