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03 de junio de 2018

I post photos then I exist

I post photos then I exist.
This is what I have come to think after having seen the tons of photos of cultivated plants and animals in captivity posted every day on iNaturalist. This would not be a problem if this peculiar kind of users (this definition aims at trying to be extremely polite and politically correct) would make the effort to check the box "cultivated/in captivity". I this would be done, the users that are not interested in these garbage posts could exclude them just by checking the box "wild" when looking for observations.
In many case it is just because the "I post photos then I exist" users are new and unaware of the guidelines, in other cases just checking that box seems to be far from their reach or, simply, they are so superficial not having noticed that the site is dedicated to wild living beings.
I have the feeling that this is a losing "battle" and that all these generalist observations of non-wild beings will worsen the quality of the site.

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