Midge Gall Wishlist

A list of midge galls I would like to find, some of which are present here to some extent, but none widely reported.

Presented here in case anybody else wants to look for some of these. List relevant for Eastern/Midwest US.

Ametrodiplosis geminata – Mountain mint, midsummer - bud gall
Asphondylia autumnalis – Helenium autumnale - swollen, globular leafy bud gall
Asphondylia azaleae – Rhododendron – Enlarged bud
Asphondylia diervillae – Northern Bush Honeysuckle – Enlarged deformed bud or fruit (often sickle-shaped)
Asphondylia hydrangeae – Hydrangea arborescens – enlarged bud
Asphondylia lacinariae – Liatris pycnostachya – spherical bud gall
Asphondylia recondita – Asters - rosette gall
Asphondylia sambuci – Elderberry - bud gall
Asphondylia smilacinae – Smilacina racemosa – deformed berry
Asphondylia silva – Bluestem goldenrod –
Asphondylia thalictri – Thalictrum sp. – enlarged seed pod
Celticecis wellsi - Celtis occidentalis - leaf gall
Clinodiplosis apocyni – hemp dogbane - swollen flower bud
Clinodiplosis lappa – Spiraea salicifolia – narrow elongate clustered buds
Clinodiplosis meibomiifoliae – tick trefoil – swollen, aborted bud gall
Clinodiplosis rhododendri – Rhododendron – rolled distorted young leaf
Clinodiplosis hastata – Verbena hastata – marginal leaf roll
Contarinia citrina – Tilia americana – swollen young bud or twig
Contarinia juniperiana – Juniper sp. – Slight swelling at base of needle
Contarinia nucicola – hickory – surface swelling of husk
Contarinia pyrivora – Pyrus communis – enlarged sterile fruitlet
Cystiphora canadensis – Nabalus – circular leaf spot
Dasineura americana – Galium asprellum – swollen aborted bud
Dasineura anemone – Anemone canadensis – slightly englarged bud
Dasineura aromaticae – Mentha arvensis, Mentha spicata – crumpled, folded, young leaf
Dasineura collinsoniae – Collinsonia canadensis – onion shaped leaf gall
Dasineura dentatae – chestnut – flat, circular, warty growth, usually between veins
Dasineura folliculi – Solidago
Dasineura johnsoni – Vitis spp – deformed fruit
Dasineura laquerrarum – Mountain mint – small bud gall
Dasineura lepidii – Lepidium (peppergrass) infested swollen seed capsule (darker color)
Dasineura lysimachiae – Lysimachia quadrifolia, terrestris – swollen terminal bud
Dasineura mali – Apple – Curled leaf
Dasineura meibomiae – tick trefoil – hard, elongate-oval bud gall
Dasineura parthenocissi – Virginia Creeper - fleshy vein fold gall
Dasineura piperitae – Mentha gentilis, Mentha piperita – Swollen bud
Dasineura plicata – Salix sp. – Rolled leaf
Dasineura porrecta – Ulmus americana – deformed samara
Dasineura pseudacaciae – black locust – tightly folded swollen leaflet
Dasineura pyri – Pyrus communis – curled leaf
Dasineura rhodophaga – Roses (cultivated) – curled and stunted buds
Dasineura sassafras – Sassafras – curled leaf/leaf margin
Dasineura semenivora – Viola spp – enlarged, deformed, onion shaped fruit
Dasineura serrulatae – Alder bud gall
Dasineura smilacifolia – Smilax spp – reddened marginal leaf roll
Dasineura toweri – Hypericum mutilum – enlarged seed capsule
Dasineura trifolii – Clover – folded and swollen along midvein, on introduced European Trifolium species
Dasineura ulmae – Ulmus americana – enlarged leaf bud
Dasineura urnicola – Urtica dioica - Pale green midrib or vein gall, subsessile, diameter yi inch, midge
Iteomyia salicifolia – Salix sp – spherical gall protruding from only one side of leaf
Janetiella asplenifolia – Myrica asplenifolia – swollen vein, severe leaf distortion
Lasioptera collinsonifolia – Collinsonia – swollen midrib/lateral vein
Lasioptera cylindrigallae – Euthamina – tapered stem swelling (base of stem)
Lasioptera excavata – Crataegus sp. – Circular leaf spot
Lasioptera humulicaulis – Humulus - swollen stem
Lasioptera lactucae – Lactuca canadensis - tapered stem swelling, woody
Lasioptera lorrainae – Mountian mint - spherical stem gall
Lasioptera spiraeafolia – Spiraea densiflora, douglasii, salicifolia – circular leaf spot
Macrodiplosis castaneae – Chestnut – smooth, globular leaf fold
Meunieriella aquilonia – honey locust – ovoid leaf blister
Neolasioptera brevis – honey locust – swollen stem
Neolasioptera clematidis – Clematis – tapered stem swelling
Neolasioptera convolvuli – Bindweed – Tapered stem swelling
Neolasioptera cornicola – Cornus stolonifera – tapered ridged stem swelling
Neolasioptera desmodii – tick trefoil – swollen stem
Neolasioptera fontagrensis – Celastrus scandens – swollen stem
Neolasioptera galeosidis – Galeopsis – irregular stem swelling
Neolasioptera hibisci – Hibiscus – swollen stem
Neolasioptera linderae – Lindera benzoin – irregular stem swellling
Neolasioptera lycopi – Lycopus – swollen stem
Neolasioptera menthae – Mentha sp. – Swollen stem
Neolasioptera monardi – Monarda fistulosa – tapered stem swelling
Neolasioptera nodulosa – native Rubus – swollen stem
Neolasioptera pierrei – Elderberrry - stem swelling
Neolasioptera triadenii – Triadenum virginicum – irregular stem swelling
Neolasioptera viburnicola – viburnum dentatum – swollen stem
Olpodiplosis helianthi – Helianthus - tubular node gall
Prodiplosis myricae – Myrica cerifera – swollen bud, rolled leaf
Prodiplosis morrisi – Populus sp. – rolled leaf/curled leaf margin
Prodiplosis platani – Platanus occidentalis – rolled leaf margin/distorted leaf
Prodiplosis violicola – Viola spp. – rolled deforemed leaf
Resseliella tulipiferae – Tulip tree – leaf vein swelling
Rabdophaga cephalanthi – Cephalanthus occidentalis – swollen stem
Rabdophaga saliciscornu – Salix humilis (?) – lateral bud deformed into thin-walled horn-like structure
Rabdophaga salicistriticoides – Salix cordata, Salix humilis - forshortened twig, buds close together, resembling a wheat head
Rhopalomyia castanae – Chestnut – enlarged clustered buds
Rhopalomyia chrysanthemi – cone shaped leaf galls cultivated chrysanthemums
Rhopalomyia grossulariae – Ribes grossularia – enlarged deforemed bud
Rhopalomyia lobata – Euthamia - spongy apical gall
Rhopalomyia hirtipes – Solidago junacea - hard, globular apical gall
Rhopalomyia strobiligemma – Panicled aster – rosette gall
Rhopalomyia weldi – Bigleaf Aster, Spring
Sackenomyia commota – virburnum circular leaf blister
Sackenomyia viburnifolia – viburnum dentatum – purple vein swelling
Schizomyia umbellicola – Elderberry large unopened flower
Schizomyia viburni – Viburnum enlarged blossom or bud

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How fun! I often find things that are some sort of tree disease or galls or lichen etc. and never get them identified. I just found the Ohio Moss and Lichen Association which has been helpful. @megachile helps with the galls. Unfortunately, I'll have to send you my best guesses. I basically wander through our woods for hours a day looking for interesting things and looking for signs of balance. I'm happy to help others with their research or passion while I learn. But to tell you how much I know about galls, I thought they were a sign of ill health to maybe a neutral abberation. Do you have an internet or book reference I could use to see what I'm looking for? I have most of the flora on your list.

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a good place to start is Adam(@ megachile) and Jeff's (@ jeffdc) new site www.gallformers.org search by host and you will get a huge list of all the galls associated with a plant, it is not complete yet, but has a lot of information, especially on the more common species. Unfortunatly there is not a good book that covers everything in E North America but the resources in my Profile are a good place to start, if you are curious. Particularly Welds book on the gall wasps, available online here; https://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/273718#page/7/mode/1up and Felts galls and gallmakers , Available here; https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Subir_Bandyopadhyay3/post/Plant_gall_nomenclature/attachment/5ab497174cde266d58933fdc/AS%3A607222774128640%401521784599176/download/BPT9871.pdf

Dennis (@ ddennism) has a great guide on here for the many galls on goldenrod: https://www.inaturalist.org/journal/ddennism/28052-goldenrod-galls

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