Notes on iNat Activity This Month

This month I embarked on a time-consuming, tedious project: adding nearly 2,000 observations to my iNat account. I began by reviewing all of the photographs taken after 2009 - in other words, after my battle with breast cancer. In 2009 I began taking a lot of long walks with my four-year-old son on the days I didn't feel terrible. 😞 After my 2010 recovery I fully embraced nature photography and nature study...

Admittedly, the majority of those early photographs are not fine quality nor particularly useful for identifying some taxa - ferns, fungi, lichens - but I have benefited greatly by adding them to my iNat Observations.

In most cases my photographs - even the low quality ones - have received some level of species identification (thanks to the wonderful iNat Community); quite a few attained Research Grade.

Currently I am documenting/surveying the flora, fauna and fungi observed within my own 6,686 square foot property in south-central Pennsylvania. While most of the images are uploaded as Casual observations, b/c they are cultivated plants, many of those cultivated plants are in fact, U.S./PA native species and will serve (hopefully) as useful pictorial references.

I hope to complete my historical archive project soon...and my focus will return to current observations; paying closer attention to how I photograph a subject, highlighting details that aid in identification. 😊

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