16 de diciembre de 2017

Feral animals?

Hello all! I do have a question and I do not think it has been addressed yet on the site, so may as well be the first one to ask.

What do we do for records of feral animals, such as feral dogs and cats? They are wild, but they did originate from a domesticated species. Is it up to the original poster of the observation to decide either to or to not have the observation as research grade, or is there something else I'm missing?

Many thanks in advance

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15 de enero de 2017

Quest for a Banded newt

If you do follow/have seen my observations recently, you can very clearly tell I am trying to start off my 2017 bioblitz on a bang, and find the Southern banded newt, Ommatotriton vittatus, a species believed to be extirpated from Jordan. I have been going to the King talal dam and Ajloun to attempt to find one, but have turned up nothing but a few other amazing species on the bioblitz. Even though I will go back to said localities during spring and summer, it is unlikely I will find a newt at those temperatures. We may go back to the dam tomorrow (And possibly Dibeen forest reserve) and try one last time to find one, but I would still like some pointers of what, when and where to look for said newts, even though I already know a vast majority of their behavior. Thanks for reading, and I'll just leave the photos of each time I went here, so you can see the variety of wildlife there:

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13 de diciembre de 2016

Bird chart

Hello all! I am (Starting on January 1st) going to make a chart of all of the species of bird I have seen so far, and how regularly they show up. The reason I am doing this, is that I've noticed that the two types of bird of prey I've seen around our apartment typically only stray to this area when there is high wind. Once the Hooded crows show up is when I typically notice two things. Number one that both types of bird of prey (Eurasian sparrowhawk & Eurasian kestrel) show up anywhere from a day to three days after the winds are strong enough to carry a similar sized bird (Hooded crows) and that the small "woodland" birds tend to either leave the area, or go into hiding. The birds I've witnessed doing so include White-spectacled bulbuls, European Robin, Common chaffinch, Brambling, and more. Besides that, I also am going to start a personal "New Years" biolitz to find and photograph certain animals I've wanted to see for the longest time. Thanks for reading

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06 de diciembre de 2016

Bad news

Hey everyone! I don't know why it's taken me so long to write this, but long story short, my main, non school computer has a short in it, so I won't be able to use it any time soon. We are getting it repaired, but the estimates for the repair shop say it'll take about 2 weeks to get it done, so I won't be uploading any observations for a good while. I'm still going to attempt to get one photo of an animal every day, so that when I do have my computer back, I will be able to upload photos as usual.

Many thanks,

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29 de noviembre de 2016

Good news and bad news

Alright so, first one of these journal entries. I have good news and bad news, as judging by the title.

Might as well put the bad news first, my camera has broken, which if you read the description to my last observation, you would have known that. It is hopefully fixable, but this completely destroys our plans to going to Wadi Rum on the 30th.

But, the good news is the camera will most likely be fixed by tomorrow, so we may try going to Wadi Rum on the 1st instead. Not only that, but I'll try to use this journal more often, and have discussions about hard to identify species from my observations here from now on.

Many thanks,

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