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01 de agosto de 2019

Victims inside Spartan Mosquito Eradicators

Per inventor of the Spartan Mosquito Eradicator, mosquitoes are initially attracted to the CO2 released by fermenting sugar, enter the device through small (5/32") holes in the lid, drink some fluid, exit through the same holes, then later die when their stomachs rupture from combination of yeast-produced CO2 and sodium chloride.

As an avid follower of various gizmos that kill mosquitoes, I was curious whether I could find evidence of a mosquitoes entering the containers. My hypothesis is that the mosquitoes would never, ever crawl through a hole to get to fermenting sugar water. Especially something 5/32" in diameter. Never going to happen.

So I bought two for my yard (Swarthmore, Pennsylvania) and I've been taking photographs of insects and spiders that die within. The yellow card is not part of the device but I added it trap insects that might enter but that might not drown. Not shown are many, many small insects that drown and then rot into unidentifiable blobs. I haven't found a single mosquito.

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