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23 de octubre de 2020

Introduction - Vision


I'm Doug, an enthusiastic amateur backyard naturalist. It was also my dream to try to ID everything on the property where I lived. Since 2019, we own our own property, and I've found iNat to be the perfect tool to learn and document all the species I observe here. It's my new addiction, basically a remedy to reading too much news lately.

I've always been interested in learning about local ecology, and have lots of backlogged photos of things I'd probably never get around to identifying, but the crowdsource magic of iNat makes it possible. So, I've been uploading old photos.

My dream is to go through some historical photos, my family has been on this land for a few generations, and do some then/now to document some of the huge trees nearby. My first was this paper birch in the front yard, which I found a photo from nearly 40 years ago:

My other highlights have been getting into "herp"ing and finding many of the local blue racers since moving here:

Hope someday to share with my family and friends, so they can join the fun.

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31 de octubre de 2020

Washtenaw County NAPP Nature Preserves

Hey there!

I'm Doug Reith, I have worked with the Washtenaw County, MI Natural Area Preservation Program as a Stewardship Technician and Volunteer Workday Coordinator Assistant. The Washtenaw NAPP is funded by a local millage and manages over 9000 acres of natural areas in over 30 nature preserves. Learn more here:

These are all such diverse and beautiful natural spaces throughout the county, so as I got into iNaturalist, I wanted to track observations in these preserves. So I got the kml files from the county and posted all the preserves as places.

Here's a list of all the places of these preserves. The first place includes all of the NAPP preserves.

Stewardship Saturdays! Volunteer for Nature!

NAPP organizes a preserve workday every 2nd Saturday of the month. They are a great way to explore the preserves and contribute to removal of invasive plants, and sometimes we'll do seed collecting and identifying plants. Check out this link for more info: Great volunteer opportunity for individuals, or groups can request an exclusive workday.

Enjoy! Happy hiking,

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