Cymopterus confusion

We've had a number of interesting cymopterus observations up our way, lately. But we're having trouble finding a trustworthy source for identifying these at the species level. It seems the most authoritative sources are in disagreement with one another.
Does anyone have a recommendation as to a really good treatment on distinguishing these?

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Fotos / Sonidos




Marzo 18, 2016


Texas, US (Google, OSM)


These photos should make for easy identification…….but online species descriptions and images of Cymopterus appear to be at odds with one another. This one fits the USDA profile for C. bulbosus as far as i can discern.



This genus has been broken up into a few other genera -- Vesper and Lomatium... I've been having some trouble with these (as well as most of the Apiaceae -- they're tough!). :)

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Thank you Sam, very much -- looks like just what we need. I will talk with Daria about this, she has the training to be able to interpret this report. And help me pin down my observations , i hope

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