Pflanzenportrait Gentiana clusii und Gentiana acaulis

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excellent !
: )

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Thank you :-)

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Hello Wolfgang and congratulations for this excellent work: unfortunately being very limited regarding your wonderful language, I lost 99% of the information in your video. Wouldn't you have, by any chance, a verbatim of your text (in German, of course) to give me so that I can translate it and thus appreciate your contribution even more?
Thank you in advance

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Hello @ramj2020
Thank you for the interest in my video. Unfortunately, my English is not so good that I could make the video in English without much effort. With the low number of hits on YouTube at the moment, the effort is too great for me.
But I had started so that there is now a PowerPoint that is half in English and half in German, but without sound. The text is available as comments on each slide. You have to download the file and open it in PowerPoint otherwise the comments cannot be read. I hope you can open the file, otherwise you would have to let me know which format you could open.
Don't be surprised, the written text does not exactly match the text in the video.
maybe this is also something for you.

Best regards

Publicado por epsilon hace 9 meses (Marca)

Hello Wolfgang,
thank you for your answer: the download worked perfectly! I realize that - considering the area of interest of my research (South Tyrol, Trentino), I'll have to seriously start studying German :)
Many thanks again

Publicado por ramj2020 hace 9 meses (Marca)

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