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18 de febrero de 2021

New AI Computer Vision, First For Android

This is good news, it's always great to see things get better. You can learn about becoming a beta tester here. It will roll out later on for iPhone and the web.
One thing that would be great is to get the AI to stop suggesting things that don't really belong in our area. I did my part today as I added several species to this list-wiki of "stuff that needs curation" here. Since so many users are from eastern N. A., and that the expert user to casual ratio is so high for Fungi in a general sense and in particular for the East, it's like playing 'Whack-A-Mole' with these things. Hopefully, if we keep at it, next time I'll have to look a lot harder to find things that are clearly misidentified. I think Fungi is particularly challenging since our species concepts are so hazy. We don't even have pictures in all of the possible bins yet. Certainly not for any of the tough or large families. It is even harder to determine if something is in its range or not.
This is just another starting point for people who want to get involved. I tried to make it really easy to jump in and contribute by flagging all of my submissions. That way you can click on it and see my logic, see if anyone else has added their own, join in and add to the discussion or any combination of those things. Then just jump in and start taking things back to Genus or elsewhere if you don't feel confident with that. If you want to do yourself a huge favor have this up while you ID. When the little green shield icon is there in line with the species name that specifies that the ID was taken from an AI suggestion. That makes it even less likely that it will cause any arguments with the user or others who have chosen it. Use your judgment though, there is no reason to get upset or to upset anyone. Feel free to tag me if you run into issues or if you are having a discussion and are looking for help with an explanation. If you are local to N. A., ignore the ones without tags as they were unusual species or things I don't see as problems, here anyway. I think someone from Down Under must have added them.
Here is a search string to copy and paste to start in on this with for Russula sanguinea, then just go to the Russula sanguinea flags under curation and the copy and paste text is there in the comments.,37,18,36,12,44,13,7590,6883,13336,7587,6853,9116,17,41,2,47,49,8,48,51,42,4,97454,39,33,7,31,29,20,32,35,24,38,28,25,36,19,26,45,30,43,23,21,27&per_page=200

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