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20 de septiembre de 2023

My Old "Why" for Studing Fungi, Edibility

I have a presentation to give at a local library tomorrow, so I made a list of observations of things I would eat or serve to my friends, and then a list of what is acceptable to sell in many states (I believe this was initially a list made by some people in Pennsylvania but is now being used for certification courses).

Here is that list of what mostly eat when I do eat, some of which were just one-offs, but I would probably eat again.

Here is the list of what I would eat, in the eastern part of North America excluding Mexico.,37,18,36,12,44,13,7590,6883,13336,7587,6853,9116,17,41,2,47,49,8,48,51,42,4,5,39,33,7,31,29,20,32,35,24,38,28,25,36,19,26,45,30,43,23,21,27&per_page=200&list_id=4424352

Here is the list of things that are acceptable for a certified expert to sell for consumption by the public.

Here is that list put into the explore page for the eastern part of N. A. avoiding Mexico.,37,18,36,12,44,13,7590,6883,13336,7587,6853,9116,17,41,2,47,49,8,48,51,42,4,5,39,33,7,31,29,20,32,35,24,38,28,25,36,19,26,45,30,43,23,21,27&per_page=200&list_id=4424360

I tried to be mostly inclusive for species that maybe were intended to be included on the acceptable list of things to sell. It probably scooped up a couple of species that maybe shouldn't be sold, but working those out might be too difficult to bother with. I'm thinking of the excluded Cantherellus persicinus for one example.

I also made a list of fungi that were nice seafood replacements. Some of these I included on my list, some of them I didn't, for whatever reason. Here that list is:

And those which are found in Eastern North America.,37,18,36,12,44,13,7590,6883,13336,7587,6853,9116,17,41,2,47,49,8,48,51,42,4,5,39,33,7,31,29,20,32,35,24,38,28,25,36,19,26,45,30,43,23,21,27&per_page=200&list_id=4424350

Just to balance things, here is a list of some deadly poisonous mushrooms. It's a work in progress. I'm going to include some of the worldwide species here .

Here they are, from around the world, not just here since some of them haven't been observed here, but might be here anyways.

Just for fun, really. I'm saying this was developed rather late in the day so I'm saying it is by no means well thought out, I just wanted to make it to have something to talk about for my presentation tomorrow.


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