A New Challenge

As I am starting to feel a little better from a slight head cold; I have just received word of a new bird I would like to try and get as a lifer. My friend @lulubelle told me on Facebook that a Red-Throated Loon has been spotted at White Rock Lake. I had been there only once before for a birding event but it was a long, long, long time ago. I was just a small boy when I went to White Rock Lake during a mass gathering of birds. I am not sure the date but I was there with my family. I have already discussed going to White Rock Lake with my aunt; and with my mom coming back home from the rehab center I may be able to bring along the entire family group to go and look for the bird. I first heard about the sighting a few weeks back. Lulu said that she dipped out; but at last she caught it on the rebound. I have to go and see if I can't take a few good shots of the bird. I have never encountered a Loon before so I will try not to pass up a golden opportunity to find my first Loon for my life list. Normally Red-throated Loons are a northern species ranging from Northern Canada and Canada in the spring and summer during the breeding season. They somewhat migrate down across the far northeastern part of the US. They over-winter in and around the eastern and western seaboards. I have never been able to travel up north to see them yet but I am hoping one day to get out and see all the bird species in the US. I have always wanted to travel up north to go birding. I have been wanting to see northern species but with time, school, money, and other constraints it has been very hard for me to leave this immanent area. I do travel in other places of Texas sometimes on vacations but most of the time I find myself birding and wildlife watching in the good old DFW area. I have no problem with that; it is a good area and a place I am familiar with. I love the wildlife here and I love the rare visitors we get here. I am just hoping this one stays put and I can get him on my life list. I have my sights set on going day after tomorrow. Tomorrow my mom comes home so we are going to catch up and stuff so that is family day. I am hoping to see that bird; I nearly missed the swans but didn't get a great photo of it. Hopefully that will not be the case for this bird; I want to get a series of great photos of this bird. Until next time this is Zachary Chapman AKA Galactic_Bug_Man signing off. I will see you on the trail.

Publicado por galactic_bug_man galactic_bug_man, 31 de diciembre de 2017


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