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I am so happy to have participated on a lot of stuff in 2017 but now that 2017 is now passed I need to look toward the future and see what this year holds in store for this young naturalist. I defiantly have a few bug hunts lined up and a few other events lined up for the next year. I also have that City Nature Challenge to look forward too as well. I participated in last year's City Nature Challenge and that was just small potatoes compared to the one coming up this year. I am looking forward to try and triple my life list; so far I have 769 on my life list now which is good but I am like a lot of people who like even numbers. I am looking forward to the smaller BioBlitzes that go on around at Elmer W. Oliver Nature Park and other places. I am so looking forward to all the fun and adventure that await in 2018. INaturalist has become a big part of my life and I have grown very attached to it. I hope to continue to double my efforts as a citizen scientist and do my part by spreading iNaturalist news, ideas, and just facts about iNaturalist in general. It is a very unique site that I love to use and I think that more people need to get involved with it. I for one am going to tell even more people about it this year. I hope to find more birds and stuff around my home area. I have a feeling that I will be in contest with my brother since he is a gamer and goes to events around Texas. I frankly don't do a lot of gaming so I have to work around my brother's events to find time and go get some outdoor adventure fun. I wouldn't have it any other way. Who knows what lies in wait for me; I hope to double my insect list since I am aspiring to be an entomologist I want to get to know even more insects this year. I am hoping to get to more Mothing events and get to see some more unique moths and night insects. I am going to use a lot of my new tactics that I have learned this year from my naturalist friends so that way I can really up my game and my list of species. I for one am ready to embark on my 2018 journey. I have no idea where I will go, don't know what kind of new people I will meet, and I don't know where the road goes from here but where ever the river of life will take me; it will be extraordinary. It is going to be another wild year full of discovery; that you can be certain of. Until next time fellow naturalists this is Galactic_bug_man signing off. I will see you guys on the trail. See you very soon.

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I'm excited for all that 2018 has in store for us, too! Lots of events penciled in on the calendar already. One thing that you might consider is investing in PVC pipes and a UV light so you can set up for mothing in your back yard anytime you want. Last year I nailed an old white sheet to a fence panel, bough a $15 UV light at Walmart and had several new things show up. It was well worth it until I could afford to build the PVC set and get the more expensive (stronger) UV lights. Happy New Year Zach!!

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I'll echo Kimberlie here -- investing in a moth light makes each warm evening exciting! :) Moth week is July 21-29 too -- be sure to have that in the calendar. ;)

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