City Nature Challenge 2018 over view part II and summer plans

I must add that I did get my ranking totals and managed to get 9th place in the DFW stats and was able to get 52nd place over all. I was able to get 251 species and 576 observations. This year was really good and I am glad to have participated. I went to a lot of places and even with a few hitches in the plans I still managed to get so many wonderful and new observations. I am quite the BioBlitz fanatic and love to put my skills to the test. I need to try and use some new techniques next year. I need a shovel and a UV light. I was going to bring those with me for the contest but with the move and all I was unable to find them because we have not got totally settled in and things are packed away. Still I got to meet some of the crew @kimberlietx @sambiology @briangooding @brentano and some of the rest of you. I was running around like crazy. I stuck to my original travel plans from last year's CNC but I did switch it up a little bit after a while. I got a little bit of everything this year. I still was trying to get all the bugs I could since I am so into insects but still keeping my focus on the things I don't really get all the time. I am really happy I was able to do this again and hope next year is even better. I hope the challenge is even bigger. DFW winning second place is awesome but we must all remember that nature is the real winner in these contest and there are no real losers in these things. We all find things that are unique and that make us more excited to learn about the world we share with wildlife. I had a lot of fun and am sad that the contest is over but now I can start training for next year and I can focus on summer activities. I want to go and do some Dragonfly hunting, mothing, and other stuff. My brother will more than likely want to do some Video Game contests and I will have to find things that I want to do in the mix. We have a few talks that we might go on a long vacation so that will be fun. I hear talk we might go to Florida or somewhere if my aunt can get a class for her school training but I am keeping that on the down low since that is just talk right now it might not happen. I still want to get my shot at the Dragonhunter, Luna Moth, and other creatures that I am just dying to observe. I have so much I want to do and I need to prioritize my goals. I also want to volunteer more for things with the Master Naturalist crew and also go on a few hikes and things. Guess I am going to have to keep my ears open and read my emails and my Facebook. I am so ready for this semester to finish. I have done well this year and hope that next semester is even better. I can sure use a break from school and moving and just hang out in nature. Well I have to go now but I will see you on the trail.

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