More Summer Plans

The more I help ID stuff the more traveling I want to do. I was helping ID stuff for someone who went down to Hornsby Bend in Austin. I saw the man had dragonflies but as I scrolled through I saw that this guy had tons of Comet Darners and stuff that I had not yet seen before. I think I might need to take my own trek down there and explore. I have heard about it and had been wanting to go for the birds but now I see that it is a huge gathering spot for Dragons and Damsels. I have been wanting to go to Caddo Lake sometime this year and look for the Dragonhunter which is still on my list of things to do. I am now thinking about taking a separate trip to go to Austin for a couple of nights and look at some of the Metro Parks while I am down there and also to go look for that bridge with the bats. I have been wanting to go to the bridge where the Mexican Free-tailed Bats hang out but have not got to go there yet. The more I use iNaturalist the more places I want to go to and get observations. This iNaturalist bug that I have caught has totally taken me on one epic adventure after another and I now crave new adventures. Summer Vacations has started for me but my aunt and my brother don't get out until June. So I still have some time to plan but I have to get through my brother's graduation and stuff so I will have to wait a little bit longer but I still have those ideas on my list. This summer I am hunting more for more dragonflies and I think Hornsby Bend, and Caddo Lake will be perfect to get more observations. I hope we can do these trips this year. My mother never got to go to Caddo Lake so we have been planning on going back there. It will be a good summer and there is a lot of places to explore. Until then this is Zachary Chapman sighing off.

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