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I have recently been told about an excursion out at Parr Park. @sambiology told me about it about a week or two ago at our last Texas Master Naturalist meeting. I looked up Parr Park and found that it was on a creek system that I had visited last year around Christmas time. My aunt, dad, mother, brother, and me went out to Eden Park which is the park that runs on the same creek system that is at Parr Park. When I went to Eden Park in Euless I wanted very much to go back in the summer to that same creek system. Since I have an interest in Dragonflies and things. It may not be the same park but it is on that same creek and @kimberlietx and @wildcarrot are going on that hike with several others. I am really excited; because one I don't get out to Grapevine to do anything besides shop with the family or go to the shrink or whatever. On occasion we do go on wildlife trips out at Bob Jones or other places around there. I hardly go to any of the parks out there; normally I just stay local and go to the parks close to my home. I love getting out when I can to go explore new parks and new territory. I wonder if I will find any firsts for that park? It seems to me that every park I go I find something that has not been documented in a certain area or in one case at all on the iNaturalist site. I love finding those hard to find creatures and those ones that just turn up in a new area. I am hoping to find some new dragonflies and new insects during this trek out there. I have been itching to go back on another field search for iNaturalist. I went to LLELA which was super fun and I got to add quite a few things to my life list. Every time I go some place new I try to get as much new stuff on my Life List as possible. I am looking forward to this. I have not met Wildcarrot in person and have been wanting to meet her for a while. She has helped me a great deal ID stuff that I just don't have the answer to. I find that I want to meet a lot of people from this site just to know their stories and their experiences and just to spend time with them and maybe make a new friend or two. With this site I have made dozens of new friends and I love ever moment of it. I love using this site because it does bring us closer together and to the wildlife we share with this planet. I am in love with this site just for those reasons. I can't wait to go on this excursion it is going to be a blast. Wonder what kind of other insects I might find out there. Still got a few days to scope it out on the species map and see what has been spotted in the surrounding areas and stuff. Might get lucky and find some of the species that I will look up. Anything is possible.

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FYI — I just talked with the folks at Grapevine, and due to the super hot conditions (record setting heat — 100+ degrees), they’re moving the event to 8 - 10 AM rather than 1-3 PM... Hope that’ll still work for folks! So, Parr Park in Grapevine from 8 AM - 10 AM on Saturday, 2 June. :)

If you come, I can almost guarentee at least one lifer bug. ;)

(almost guarentee)

@wildcarrot @kimberlietx @tfandre @cameralenswrangler @brentano @briangooding @tadamcochran @justjenny7 — tag others that may be interested! :)

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I briefly went out there the other day and saw some cool insects. I'll be glad to see you all out there. A lot of the spots I like are shaded is still going to be hot so I think morning is a good idea.

Some areas of the creek are shallow enough to wade in now so if anyone wears waterproof footwear or takes their shoes off, that would be one way to stay cool.

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That works I will tell my folks.

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@kimberlietx told me about this during the CNC. I couldn't make the May one because of finals but have had this one on my calendar since then. I'm glad to know about the time change, or I would have been there at 1:00. Looking forward to it.

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Is there a google maps location for the Parr Park meet up location? I see the general area/creek system, but I'm getting a water park with the search. Thanks! I think I'm going to make it. I was going to go to a nature photography meet up at Big Spring that starts at the same time, but I can't resist exploring a new place.

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@tadamcochran The meeting point is right next to the Splash Park. Keep following Parr Ln into the park and you'll find parking across from the splash pad. You will see a pop-up canopy with a park banner on it.

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@betsymarsh @hannahdee33 It's going to be an iNat-athon! :) I hope Paul and the girls show up again!

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@birdsbatsandbugs I know it's a drive for you, but a lot of the trail is shaded, if you want to get out and do a little iNatting!

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@kimberlietx @sambiology Thank you so much for getting the word out! We are so excited to meet everyone and see what you all can find at Parr Park!

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Thanks, Kim!

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