My rainy but adventurous September

Well with September quickly coming to a close this year I must say it has been both a wet and wild one. I did a lot this month and have seen so much. It has been a good month and the days just keep getting easier since the passing of my mom. Spending time out in nature has really helped me not get over her death but have helped me come to grips with it. I have seen a lot this month and have made it to 4,300+ observations and I am on the road to 5,000+. I went on a Butterfly walk at the first of the month with @kimberlietx and @brentano, I went to Stovall Park a couple of times and got some cool beetles, I have had a field month. I found a Tersa Sphinx moth, a Common Eastern Firefly, a Mayfly, a Beloved Emarginea Moth just to name a few of the life lists firsts. Nearly every day I saw something new to behold and take photos of. I defiantly got a boost of species for the school this month. The spiders, beetles, and moths have been out like crazy. It has been so rainy, steamy, and muggy that they just hang out on the walls and stuff. The Engineering building has been a hip happening hang out for a lot of insects this month. Something new comes around there all the time. I have been very lucky to get a lot of observations this September and now my challenge is to get to 5,000 in October. There are a few Bio Blitzes I wish to participate in that @sambiology has posted here on this site and I am going to make some preparations so I can go on a few of them. I am already going to Kimberlie's this weekend but I don't know which ones I want to attend after they are all so cool sounding. I am already signed up to do the 2018 Pollinator BioBlitz and all so the options and possibilities are endless. I am very excited to see what my count will be this year. At the rate I am going I might wind up with 7000 if I can knock out 5000 plus in October and then go into November full steam ahead with the bird alarm on high alert. I am on overload here this has been my best iNatting year. Who knows what next year is going to look like for me. I still have a lot to do before the year is up. I just have to keep my ears clear and eyes peeled for new opportunities.

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