Plans for 2019

It is the new year and for 2019 I have a lot of stuff to look forward too. I have a few big things that I am wanting to do this year. One of which is the City Nature Challenge 2019 in April. I am so looking forward to it. Last year I found a few new places to go and travel to so I can get some big numbers. One place I have on my radar is the Village Creek Drying Beds. As a dragonfly fan and just general insect nerd I would like to find as many insects as I can at Village Creek Drying Beds. I went there twice in a row in 2018 and thought that would be a great place to do some bug hunting. I have a few more parks on my CNC list but I still have to refine it. The Monday of that challenge is going to be hectic because we have school. Guess I will have to do what I normally do at school after class and study.

In May I am looking forward to the State iNaturalist gathering. I have not been to a state gathering yet but this year I am going to give it my all to go to this one. I may not be able to stay the whole duration but heck a weekend is more than enough to get some big numbers. I was able to make over 90 observations on my trip to the coast which was the weekend right before Christmas. I have to remember that I made 211 observations in one night at @kimberlietx's birthday bioblitz. I hardly get to go out to hill country unless it is to go to Enchanted Rock or the surrounding areas. I have only been down that way a handful of times. To add I have been there twice in the last seven years of my life. I love to go out there when I have the time and the chance to go. There is a ton of cool things out there. I would love to meet some of the birders and do some mothing while I am down there as well as do my own exploring. I normally stay with the pack but I do find some pretty cool stuff when I go solo. So I will be doing a little bit of different things. For both events I will have to take the Beat Sheet and the stick AKA "old net hilt" may do some sweep netting too just got to prioritize and make sure I don't carry too much with me. May switch out tools for different days. Definitely doing Saturday and Sunday. I am going to get down there Friday. It is going to be so much fun. I can hardly wait to do this. I know I have to wait a while for it but I can only imagine what is down there around that time of year. Hoping for a lot of moths and other insects. Saturday will be the day I do the mothing since I will be pretty much zonked on Friday getting down there.

Then there is one thing that I need to wait unit summer for and that is to down to the Austin Bridge where the bats are; and go down to Hornsby Bend sometime. I need to do that this year since I was not able to get down there last year due to family matters and things. 2018 was a very hard year for all of us. I hope this year is much better. Still on the search for that Dragonhunter Dragonfly. I want to see one so bad. I know Hornsby Bend has seen a few and so has Caddo Lake. @sambiology @brentano is it Gus Englin where they have the majority of them in Texas? correct me if I am wrong. I am going to try and go for all three places just to check them out and see what is out there. I want to go and find even more bugs this year. There is just so much I want to do and so many places I want go to. Most of these areas are day trips but it would be nice to spend a night or two down in Austin to also go to Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center. That would be amazing!

Other than that I got a lot of things up in the air just waiting for something to come down. I will have to play most of the other stuff by ear but yeah National Moth Week and the Oliver Nature Park BioBlitz are further away. I predict a very full year of iNaturalist and who knows I might even get a full month put in to iNaturalist. I have been pretty dang close on filling up one whole month of observations but I have not done that yet. This year that is one of my main goals. The sky is the limit and for me more hiking, nature exploration, trips, travels, and a lot of fun. Hoping 2019 will be better year for me and my family. We had a lot of ups and downs last year. It was a good year in parts but with my mom dying so suddenly it took a lot out of us. We are back on track though and days seem to get easier the more we spend with each other and the more time we spend outdoors. Until next time I will see you on the trail.

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