My Colorado Trip Outlook

My brother and I have been dying to go back and explore the wilds and museums of Colorado. It has been far too long since we have seen the glorious lands that make up Colorado. I remember I spent a week up there when I turned 13. Ahhhh the sun shining over the moutains; the lightning in the sky lighting up mountains, the wildlife that is plentiful in every place. It is no wonder why I have fallen in love with Colorado. The beautiful snow capped mountains, the beautiful waterfalls, the tall grasses in the valley. I have experienced all of these things first hand. It is one truly amazing place. I don't really have a huge game plan set up but i would like to go back to the Colorado Springs area and I do want to try and go to Denver some time and see what is up there. I am very excited and we are planning to go really soon. I have some stuff in terms of volunteering at Elmer W. Oliver for a few kids camps and my aunt has a few classes but it looks like we may actually go for a whole week. So that will be very cool to get observations each day. Of course my brother is looking for museums up there to get idea for a project he is working for his game programming career. He is so hard to do things with because he has only a few interests but with me anything goes and for me it does't matter I can always find something to get into so it will be a lot of fun. I have a parks guide on the way to the house, I have an animal check list too, and I also have a wildlife viewing guide. It is going to be so amazing. We will have the time of our lives for sure!

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There are some cool dinosaur museums in Colorado - some not too far from Colorado Springs:

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