Galveston Trip 2019 and a little review

Well this year has been rather interesting. I thought I was going to reach 10,000 Observations this year but with my brother at school long hours like me that didn't happen. I have been rather busy with life by volunteering a lot that observations now are kind of few and far between. I have been on several more Bio Blitzes this year which is a plus. I have made it to 8,000+ this year. It was great back in the summer when I we got to go to Colorado. That was a fun trip. We also got to go the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center, Hornsby Bend Wetland Center and a few other places. This year has been a good one and the amounts of creatures have been much greater but the days of observation are fewer. It has been a very interesting year in contrast from last year. I had way more days of observations last year and really big numbers on some of those days. It has either been too hot or I have been busy with other things. I have a new Nature Club at school that I have been tending too so that has cut some of the observation time. Still it has been a very good year. I have had a slight boost in Mammals and some Reptiles which was really cool.

This year my aunt has set us up to go to Galveston Texas which I have not been too since I was a little boy. I was in the 3rd grade the first time I went. I am looking forward to doing some iNatting there. I have seen a lot of neat things to do and see. I want to go visit the Sea Wall again which is a must for any history nut like me. I been there once before. Sea Wolf Park and Galveston Island State Park are a few more places I want to visit too. I have found a bunch of neat things to do. It will be like Colorado where we revisit some of the old places. Moody Gardens would be a cool place to go too as well. However I am looking forward to doing some hiking and walking around looking for birds and other things. I am also hoping to load up on a few keepsakes and a few patches to add to my vest. I am really wanting to get a shark patch to put on my vest if I can find one. That would be the perfect patch for my first vest. It is almost filled up with patches from a lot of the places I have visited in the last six years. I am looking forward to going and seeing the sights of Galveston. I barely remember it but it will be a nice switch up from going to Corpus like we do most of the time. I am hoping to go to Kleb Woods as well when we are on the return trip up through Houston. I want to try and get over a hundred observations. I am hoping to find some new stuff that I have not seen before. There are plenty of thing to find but a life list like mine it is hard to find things that you haven't seen yet. It does not hurt to photograph the oldies but goodies thought especially if it was one that you don't get to see too often. I love doing iNaturalist stuff. If there is one thing I have learned in my nearly four years of using it is that citizen science is very important. It is a great tool that I love contributing too. Even now as we are facing climate change and what not it more important to track numbers of all of what we see on a daily basis. I know what I am going to be doing over the course of December and that is more birding. November I might go and bird a little bit. I have a plan to go with my mother and step-father and we will go and explore LLELA. I have a lot of stuff planned for next year. I am really excited to go to Galveston and look at the wild areas there. It will be fun to see just how many species I can get out there. I have not been there in a long time so it will be nice to visit and see all the cool things there. I want to go to a few of the museums and things but mostly what I want to do is explore the natural side of things. Do some beach combing and what not. It is going to be so much fun! I can hardly wait.

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Galveston Island State Park is gonna be a blast! Check out the species that have been documented there so far:

Take a look and see which ones need to make it to your life list! :)

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