Birding in 2016

This year I have to say was not so big of a year for birding for me. True before I made the switch to iNaturalist during the time I was taking the Texas Master Naturalist state course I found a few birds but didn't see as many as I would have liked to. True this year we did go to the hill country and I found a few birds but the ones that really stood out are not on this sight except for the Green Winged Teal and the Greater Yellowlegs. I did take several good photos of birds I have seen that are new to my life list but I don't have as many as you can think on this sight even though my name is Galactic Birder. It is just because for the last few months I have focused all my attention to the insects and have just got back to my birding. Summer is not the best time to go Birding but I did get to see a Baltimore Oriel during the Forest Field trip and got to hear the White-Eyed Vireo. Those were new to the list but I was unable to find a White-Eyed Vireo. I did post the Baltimore Oriel on this site. I really enjoyed birding this year and I did see enough birds to get a grand total of 145 birds this year. Last year I saw 75 birds in all that were new to the life list but this year I have only seen 20 birds. I really hit a slump and it seems that it is harder to bird as I knock out more birds and add them to the list. I had many bird encounters but it wasn't a very productive year as in terms of last year. This year was not the lowest year for birding. 2014 when I technically started but I wasn't that serious I found only a few new lifers. Early on through life- 2013 there was just a few casual observations and stuff. However from 2015-2016 my birding sights have really spiked. with a total of 104 birds total. It has been a very productive two years but looking at the projection I dipped down just a tad. It would have been better if I would have been looking up and down around the same amount of time in intervals. However it was a good time for birding at the start of the year. I got to add a super lifer to my life list which was the Mandarin that was spotted at Centennial Park in Irving Texas. It was a cool encounter and one I am not likely to forget anytime soon. I have made birding a passion as well as looking for insects and the two are actually what I want to study when I get out of college with my degree. Birds are one of my biggest obsessions. Forget Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Doctor Who, and all the pop culture garbage I am attracted too; Birds and Bugs and nature is what I hold most dear and enjoy. I have made a life out of loving Nature, Sci-fi, cartoons, video games all at the same time. To be full honest I really want to focus more on wildlife rather than my Sci-fi nerd life. I really love the super nerdy stuff but I have now felt a big rift and kind of frown upon some pop culture stuff that I have loved for so long. It is weird but it is true. I just really feel like I am growing up and I feel now that they don't play a major part of my life. Nature has taken over and I feel like the Master Naturalist stuff and my connection to my community and wildlife is now my biggest passion ever. Sure I will watch stuff but I really just want to deal with wildlife more. Anyway besides my rambling I really feel that next year maybe another slow year for birding but I will do my best to stay on top of things even though the weather pattern is about to change to La Nina. I think that it might be a harder year for birding since La Nina is a dryer time. I just hope I will be able to find something. Only time will tell.

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Pretty soon, you'll be going after this goal, done by the legendary Chuck Sexton (@gcwarbler )

100 bird species from at least 100 counties in TX! Time to hit the road! :)

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