April 3. UW Greenhouse

Our class visited UW's greenhouse on 4/3. The greenhouse is located on Burke-Gilman trail (Lat:47.65 Lon:-122.31). Inside the biology greenhouse was warm and felt like 65℉.

There is a great deal of exotic plants here with most of them being tropical. In fact, the variety of species here represents 1/10 of the entire earth's diversity! The plants we saw included Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula), which is very sensitive, but only to its preys. Additionally, we also learned about epiphytes, which are defined as plants that grow on other plants (without harming them).

We also tasted the "miracle berry" (Synsepalum dulcificum), which has the ability to manipulate an animal's taste buds. Other interesting species we talked about were ghost chili, water lily, and water hyacinth (see written journal 3 on more detail)

Even though none of the species we saw at the greenhouse was native to the PNW, they have allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of plants and evolution.

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