April 28, 2012 Mt.Si Hike

Mt. Si is located in North Bend, not too far from Interstate 90 (Lat: 47.47 Lon: -121.75). The weather conditions were partially sunny with temperature about 55℉. It was very humid in the mountain.

The trail entrance was a semiopen space consisted of large deciduous and coniferous trees such as bigleaf maple, douglas fir, and western hemlock. On these trees were lichens, with the old man's beard being the dominant one. Huckleberry, licorice fern, sword fern, and lady fern were frequently spotted at lower elevation.

As the elevation increases, the diversity of understory canopy begin to go down and was replaced by ferns, mosses, and lichens. Trees that were once dominated at the bottom were no longer present. Half way during the hike, there was a small open space. 2-3 huckleberries were on site and some oomycetes growing on decay branches in nearby spots.

(See written journal 7 for detail)

[Species List]
Bigleaf maple
douglas fir
western redcedar
black cottonwood
old man's beard
sword fern
lady fern
pipecleaner moss
Pacific trillium
western hemlock
piggyback plant
trailing yellow violet
gray jay
common sedges

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