May 11, 2012 Tree tour prep

Our group went on a tree tour in preparation for our group project next week. We began our tour from Meany Hall, walking along Stevenway and then went around the campus.The weather conditions were sunny and around 55℉.

There are nearly 500 kinds of trees at UW, but only 28 of them are native on campus. We first observed the graceful deodar cedar that line along Stevensway. Enven though it's called a fir, it is actually a member of the pine family. The needles are greyish blue and bright green and come with bundles of 12-30.

Moving along we saw lawson cypress, China fir, coast redwood and the Coulter pine. with its enormous cones, the Coulter pin aka bigcone pine, is my favorite tree species of this tour. Their cones are said to be the largest cones among the pine family. Needles are think, and long, and smell like resin.

None of the conifers that we saw today was native to the PNW. Nevertheless, they have all adapted to local eccosystem and beautify our school with their gracefulness.

(See written journal 11 for detail)

[Species List]
deodar cedar
lawson cypress
China fir
coast redwood
Coulter pine
Japanese snowbell
sword fern
English elm
Oregon crab apple
oregon grape

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