INaturalist has helped me so much!

Recently I've been looking back at some of my old identifications, and it was almost embarrassing to see the inaccuracy of some of them.

This one for example:

But it was a good opportunity to compare the old ones with some of my new ones and see how much I've improved. I started INaturalist on July 26 2023 and I never would have imagined I would come this far! So I would like to thank @makarii_loskutov , @kyleprice1 , @xianzx , @neylon , @pedro3111 , and @froggy143 for helping me learn all the things I know now!

Publicado el abril 18, 2024 09:41 TARDE por hymenopterahumes hymenopterahumes


Glad to help. And thrilled that you're grinding out ID's. Keep those coming.

Publicado por neylon hace 2 meses

It's our pleasure! I love when newer IDers ask questions and clearly pursue accuracy in bee IDs like you do. Seeing you get to the latest Needs ID Bombus before I do is a nice little competitive kick too haha

Publicado por xianzx hace 2 meses

Same here! I always enjoy IDing, so it's my pleasure.

Publicado por froggy143 hace 2 meses

Glad I could help, good luck with further "bee work", sorry for the delay!
By the way, what about catching Morrison's bumble bee?

Publicado por makarii_loskutov hace 26 días

@makarii_loskutov. In a few days me and my family are going camping in eastern Idaho, I’m hoping to find one there. 🤞

Publicado por hymenopterahumes hace 26 días

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