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03 de diciembre de 2019

ERS 346 Outing #3

Time and Date: 19/11/04 | 15:30 - 16:40
Duration: 70 minutes
Location: Huron Natural Area
Weather: Overcast, cloudy with light rain on and off. Approximately 8 degrees Celsius
Habitat/Vegetation: Natural area contains forest, wetland, meadows, ponds, creeks and hiking trails.
Word Count: 309

I frequent Huron Natural Area throughout all seasons; it's a beautiful place to take a walk. Throughout my observation, I was able to find countless species (my phone died partway through preventing me from taking more pictures). It is a large area with many different kinds of vegetation; the first part consisted of meadows featuring man-made bird houses of varying heights and sizes, providing for bird habitat. The pond further inside the forest features a large beaver dam that prevents the pond from spilling over into the forest (a small stream connects to it). Throughout the walk, I heard many bird calls. I recognized chickadees and geese, but heard several that I could not recognize. Speedy squirrels and chipmunks were also spotted.

It's important to note that it was a quiet, cold day; many of the once-green plant species were dying or completely dead and it seemed as though many of the birds were preparing or had already left for winter (though I could hear their distant calls, they weren't visible). The squirrels and chipmunks were likely gathering what they could from the forest floor before hibernation (nuts, fungi, seeds). I also spotted a few dandelion seeds that had floated about in the wind; this is the plant's method of dispersal and once snow falls, the seeds will remain frozen (and dormant) until spring when they thaw and new dandelions will emerge.

This natural area is unlike my previous outing (Waterloo Park) because although there is human presence and interference, it is clear that the natural area is both monitored and protected to a far higher degree than the wildlife at Waterloo Park. There is signage throughout Huron Natural Area encouraging children and adults alike to act as good stewards and to remain on the trail. There was also far less litter found here as opposed to Waterloo Park.

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