Columbia Transect in early spring

West of The Dalles: Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail, (Swale Canyon/Klickitat River), Catherine Creek/Labyrinth/Syncline/Hidden Canyon/Coyote Wall etc, Sauter Drive (west of Lyle), Sondino Ponds Wildlife Area.
East of The Dalles: Columbia Hills Historical State Park (rugged patch to west), Stacker Butte Trail, Horsethief Butte, Railroad Island Park (next to old smelter),
Oregon Side: Memaloose Hills, Tom McCall Point Trail, Eagle Caves (nearly in The Dalles),

Myriopteris notes:
Beacon Rock Trail (Columbia gorge), possibly closed
[Tunnel Lake, see below - Burke record]
Coyote Wall Loop Trail (first obvious basalt)
Labyrinth Trail
Catherine Creek trails (various), including Catherine Creek Arch Loop
Klickitat River Trail
Columbia Hills Vista Loop
[Stacker Butte dogs not allowed]
Horsethief Butte
Railroad Island Park (about 7 miles east of Maryhill, south of smelter)
Rock Creek Road (about 19 miles east of Maryhill)

U.S.A., Washington, Skamania County:
Small impounded lake [now called Tunnel Lake] on north side of Highway 14 approximately 10 km west of Hood River bridge. North side of lake.
Elev. 35 m. 45.71603° N, 121.61784° W. Datum: WGS 84. Coordinate uncertainty: 20 meters. Coordinate Source: Digital map.
South-facing talus slope with Pinus ponderosa, Acer macrophyllum and Quercus garryana overstory; Lithophragma, Toxicodendron diversilobum and Cryptogramma acrostichoides common. Uncommon in crevices of partially shaded outcropping.

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