Epilobium on serpentine

Mostly from drew_meyer:

E. rigidum vs. E. siskiyouense:

E. siskiyouense has smaller, more lanceolate leaves, with the broadest part of the leaf closer to the base and sessile (no petiole, tending to clasp stem with leaf base). E. rigidum has larger, more ovate leaves with the broadest part right in the middle and short but clear petioles.

There are other differences too, such as the leaf color/texture (E. siskiyouense is generally less glaucous). It also seems like E. siskiyouense has a distribution more to the southeast while E. rigidum is associated with the Josephine Ophiolite (coastal most part of Klamath).

E. rigidum has darker rose to red calyx. E. rigidum is larger in all respects but hard to tell unless photo has ruler.

Similar Epilobium obcordatum has sessile leaves and a wider range and is not found on serpentine (0/266 iNat observations).

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