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20 de enero de 2023

adding taxa

I am currently adding taxa to the list for inclusion in this collection project. I hope to have upwards of 300 taxa eventually included, based mostly on correlation of iNaturalist observations and USGS ultramafic rock maps.

One of my purposes is to encourage observers to "trust" the project so that I can get access to unobscured coordinates for endangered taxa without risk to the plants, which I love (and will never release such locations in any way). This is important especially in California, where a substantial fraction of serpentine-tolerant taxa are highly restricted endemics with obscured locations, which makes it impossible to get quantitative information on their exact relationship to serpentine soils.

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23 de enero de 2023


I have completed the initial list of taxa of interest, a mixture of known serpentine endemics and species that probably have some serpentine tolerance (part of the goal of the project is to test that). If you have any additional taxa that you think should be added, please let me know. In particular, I have probably missed many very rare ones.

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27 de enero de 2023

Columbia Transect in early spring

West of The Dalles: Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail, (Swale Canyon/Klickitat River), Catherine Creek/Labyrinth/Syncline/Hidden Canyon/Coyote Wall etc, Sauter Drive (west of Lyle), Sondino Ponds Wildlife Area.
East of The Dalles: Columbia Hills Historical State Park (rugged patch to west), Stacker Butte Trail, Horsethief Butte, Railroad Island Park (next to old smelter),
Oregon Side: Memaloose Hills, Tom McCall Point Trail, Eagle Caves (nearly in The Dalles),

Myriopteris notes:
Beacon Rock Trail (Columbia gorge), possibly closed
[Tunnel Lake, see below - Burke record]
Coyote Wall Loop Trail (first obvious basalt)
Labyrinth Trail
Catherine Creek trails (various), including Catherine Creek Arch Loop
Klickitat River Trail
Columbia Hills Vista Loop
[Stacker Butte dogs not allowed]
Horsethief Butte
Railroad Island Park (about 7 miles east of Maryhill, south of smelter)
Rock Creek Road (about 19 miles east of Maryhill)

U.S.A., Washington, Skamania County:
Small impounded lake [now called Tunnel Lake] on north side of Highway 14 approximately 10 km west of Hood River bridge. North side of lake.
Elev. 35 m. 45.71603° N, 121.61784° W. Datum: WGS 84. Coordinate uncertainty: 20 meters. Coordinate Source: Digital map.
South-facing talus slope with Pinus ponderosa, Acer macrophyllum and Quercus garryana overstory; Lithophragma, Toxicodendron diversilobum and Cryptogramma acrostichoides common. Uncommon in crevices of partially shaded outcropping.

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29 de enero de 2023

it works! hmm not!

I tried my first download of location data with obscured location removed (one test taxon) and it worked as expected. Thanks so much for all of your help!

Hmm well I thought it was working but I used a taxon that had both obscured and normal locations and got back only the normal ones, so apparently there is a system bug. Thanks user efmer for pointing this out.

  • James

(note - only the admin can get the unobscured locations)

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