20 de septiembre de 2023

KQED Forum about iNat, 9am Thursday 9/21

Bay Area (and California) folks, tomorrow's (Thursday's) 9am PT hour of KQED Forum is going to be about iNat. If you have a good story to tell about your use of iNat, please call or write in! Here are some ways to do so:


If you want to listen in there should be a livestream at https://www.kqed.org/forum/. I'll be doing a Q&A in the Discord at 1pm PT

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11 de octubre de 2022

Recommended UV flashlight?

@aniedes asked me what light I was using for https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/136664681, and I don't know, b/c it was @chyroptera's light! What kind of light were you using, Andrea?

I suspect @damontighe and @tiwane can also recommend good UV flashlights.

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26 de abril de 2022

iNat SF / East Bay happy our Wednesday April 27!


We'll be outdoors at Zeitgeist in SF at 5pm. Organized by @kawriver (thanks, Jesse!)

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10 de diciembre de 2021

iNat Happy Hour in SF, Dec. 2021

In case anyone's in SF next week and wants to grab a beer: https://www.meetup.com/iNaturalist-Happy-Hour-SF-East-Bay/events/282592785

Zeitgeist has a decent-size outdoors area. Hopefully it won't be too crowded on a Tuesday.

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27 de noviembre de 2021

Ledyard Stebbins Gave us Ehrharta

Mostly a note to myself so I don't forget, but today Janet Gawthrop told me Ehrharta erecta became invasive in California because of a research project at UC Berkeley investigating the effects of ploidy on adaptation. Investigating later, I was rather horrified to learn that Ledyard Stebbins intentionally mutated these plants to create tetraploid versions and intentionally planted both diploid and tetraploid plants in the hills above UC Berkeley, in Napa, and near Monterey in a multi-decade study starting in the 1940s. His papers don't seem to mention any kind of containment or eradication strategy, so it seems likely that his efforts led directly to the rather extreme invasion of this plant we have to deal with in coastal CA today. The tetraploids died off, but the diploids flourished.

A note in the 1949 paper suggests it might have already been established on the UC Berkeley campus before the study began:

The artificial autotetraploid of E. erecta, produced from plants spontaneous on the University of California campus, is taller, coarser, and has fewer tillers than its diploid progenitor (Fig. l)

But still, Ledyard, way to screw over vast swaths of California native plants in the name of science.

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8 de enero de 2020

Drinks in Santa Cruz?

Anyone in Santa Cruz want to go tidepooling and/or drink beers this Friday? There's an excellent sunset tide, and I keep meaning to try and meet up with iNat folks in Santa Cruz. The low tide is around 4:45pm and sunset is a bit after 5pm, so maybe tentatively meet at Scott Creek parking lot around 3, maybe shoot for beers somewhere in Santa Cruz around 6-8? Not sure where would be good for the latter. Is Whale City in Davenport cool? If not, how about Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing?Let's do Humble Sea instead (by popular demand)

Let's see, Santa Cruz folks include... @leptonia, @nmcnear, @andym, @jmaughn, @lemurdillo, @ldjaffe, @allisonjgong, @vivienneo, @byersconspiracy, @asjones. Maybe @biosam (not sure if you're still in the area)? @sea-kangaroo, any interest?

Also, if anyone knows, does the creek require fording at the moment?

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24 de octubre de 2019

East Bay iNat Happy Hour tomorrow at the Mallard

In case this reaches anyone, here's the info on Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/iNaturalist-Happy-Hour-SF-East-Bay/events/265243031/

Folks who have requested a tag in the past: @birdingman, @clem, @marionanoiram, @morganstickrod

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29 de septiembre de 2019

Drinks in Santa Barbara and/or Claremont?

Santa Barbarians, I'm going to be driving down to the Southern California Botanist's Symposium in Claremont this coming Friday. At some point I believe @serpophaga recommended that we do some kind of iNat happy hour event at Night Lizard Brewing Company, which is sort of on the way down. Would anyone be interested in doing that, maybe like 6pm on Friday 10/4Thursday 10/3? I could also come down a day earlier and we could do it on Thursday if that works out better for people (which would also mean I wouldn't have to rush off to Claremont the same night).

Let's see, who's down there other than Adam. @stephanomeria of course, and @swpip, @tomleeturner, @matt_g, @jeffgoddard, @zabbey...

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21 de agosto de 2019

Bay Area happy hour, 6pm Friday August 23 at Lost & Found in Oakland

Hey all, just a reminder for anyone reading here that we'll be grabbing drinks at Lost & Found Beer Garden at Telegraph & 21st in Oakland (note that this is not the cocktail lounge in SF and not some kind of clothing store in downtown Oakland) this Friday at 6pm.

Also, if my last-minute journal posts don't really work for you, I have been trying to schedule these on meetup:


Some folks I've mentioned before: @moonlittrails, @morgancantrell, @screws, @radrat, @ang, @anna-towers, @ericsimons, @leftcoastnaturalist, @joeysantore, @eddiebug, @marisa, @ouzel, @catchang, @damontighe, @clem, @jennitaur, @sea-kangaroo, @loloscheiner, @adrained, @rademacherdan, @hfabian, @marmot-mot, @birdingman

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18 de julio de 2019

iNat happy hours moving to meetup

To anyone following me who has expressed an interest in Bay Area happy hour events: we're going to start organizing them on meetup: https://www.meetup.com/iNaturalist-Happy-Hour-SF-East-Bay. I'm hoping that will make it easier to keep track of when they're happening and discuss future venues, b/c these journal posts just seem really ad hoc. I might still keep doing the journal posts, but this way there's a better, more consistent way for people I don't explicitly mention to keep track.

Anyway, next one is next Friday, 6pm at the Beer Coop in SF (as requested by @mishimatsu). Sadly, I'll be out of town, but @tiwane will be there. Other SF folks who might be interested: @joelle, @robberfly, @metsa, @ocean_beach_goth, @rebeccafay, @mrchasse.

Also, @carrieseltzer's going to start doing this in DC, so anyone in that area, check out https://www.meetup.com/iNaturalist-Happy-Hour-DC

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