Id these sometimes difficult trees

*Ailanthus altissima (Tree of Heaven, Chinese Sumac)- Leaves alternate, aromatic, usually odd pinnate, 9-41 leaflets, entire leaf margin except near the base where 1-2 pairs of blunt dentate teeth usually occur, fall color yellow. flowers in spring, fruit samara. polygamo-dioecious. Introduced/non-native/escapes cultivation/invasive.

*Sapindus saponaria L. var. drummondii (Western Soapberry, Jaboncillo)- Leaves alternate, not aromatic, usually odd pinnate, rachis may be winged. 9-18 leaflets (terminal often absent), entire leaf margin, veins of leaflets off center fall color yellow. flowers in spring. fruit translucent amber drupe. dioecios. Texas native. often suckers and forms groves.

*Pistacia chinensis (Chinese Pistache) - Leaves alternate, slightly aromatic, usually even pinnate, occasionally will have terminal leaflet, esp on sapling trees. 10-16 leaflets, entire leaf margin, fall color orange/red. flowers in spring before leaves, fruit is small red drupe turns blue when ripe. dioecious. Introduced/non-native/escapes cultivation/invasive

*Rhus lanceolata (Prairie Flameleaf Sumac)- Leaves alternate, aromatic, odd pinnate, rachis may be winged. 9-21 leaflets, typically 13-17, entire leaf margin, or with small teeth, fall color red. flowers in late spring early summer, fruit red-brown drupe in tight cluster. diocecios. Texas native.

*Juglans nigra (Eastern Black Walnut)- Leaves alternate, aromatic, odd pinnate 13-23 leaflets, finely serrate leaf margin, fall color yellow. flowers in spring catkins, fruit is round nut. monoecious. Texas native.

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yah i'm still working on this

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Wonderful journal entry!

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Great aid. Have question: Prairie Flameleaf Sumac grows to be a small (med) tree? The numerous sumacs growing along fence rows? Thanks for you efforts to help us out.

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