16 de agosto de 2021

Placer County/Nevada County Fires

I haven't made a journal post on here before, and I don't see many others, so I'm not entirely sure what the proper use of this feature is, but I'll give it a go.

I live close to where the River Fire was last week. Fortunately for us, the wind was blowing in the opposite direction and we didn't even notice the smoke until after the emergency alerts went off. We never ended up getting the evacuation order, but we left anyway, along with our entire street, because that's not something you want to leave until the last minute. Unfortunately for many others across town, some did not have that luxury, and I saw some pretty shocking photos on Instagram of houses reduced to nothing but a driveway and a pile of ash, as well as some horrible stories my mom kept telling people about evacuees who had only minutes to escape and lost pets. Our pets came with us, and were pretty well-behaved (even the cat -- after she clawed a hole in the plastic mesh of her carrier, we put her on a leash, and I don't think she was particularly happy about that, but she cooperated). Placer County Animal Services took in evacuated animals, and I donated to them off their Amazon wishlist, and if anyone is actually reading this, you can find their donation page here: https://www.placer.ca.gov/1942/Support-Shelter-Animals

We got out of town and into the South Bay and the Santa Cruz mountains, which meant I got ~600 photos of plants to go through, edit, and upload. This is an especially tedious task, because in my zeal to limit Apple's access to my information, I had turned off location services for my camera, which means that in addition to uploading and labelling each entry, I also have to take the time to find it on the map. I try to be as close to where I took the picture as I can, but they are unfortunately approximate. I've fixed that now, so I hope that will make this task a lot easier! I only started using this app ~8 months ago and I already have over 1200 entries, most with multiple photos. Whew. I only started using this because I wanted to find out what kind of moss was all over my trees. Now I tell everyone to download the app. :D I was always that kid (ok...I still am that adult) who would put hundreds of hours into my Pokemon games after finishing the story so I could fill up the Pokedex.

The River Fire is out now, but the Dixie Fire is still going strong, and even though we're not in danger of the fire, this time the smoke is blowing right into us and it's making my asthma flare up even inside the house, so I will have to stick with looking at pictures of nature instead of going outside.

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