Hedge Nettles in Point Reyes

Discovered there are 3 varieties of Hedge Nettles in Point Reyes according to the NPS website
https://www.nps.gov/pore/learn/nature/upload/plantspecieslist_flowering.pdf -- look under Lamiaceae (Mint Family)

Stachys ajugoides var. ajugoides Marsh Hedge Nettle
Stachys ajugoides var. rigida Rigid Hedge Nettle or Rough Hedge Nettle
Stachys chamissonis Coast Hedge Nettle

From what I understand doing a quick reading the simplest distinction is the Marsh Hedge Nettle has red-tipped leaf edges, and the Coast Hedge Nettle has a long stem with a pyramid shape with continuous long tubular magenta flowers. So, I guess everything is a Rigid or Rough Hedge Nettle. The Coast Hedge Nettle is the easiest to identify. The other two look very similar to me.

Publicado por lenaz lenaz, 06 de mayo de 2018


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