Union Bay Natural Area by boat docks 5/1/12

Weather: partially cloudy with temperatures in the low 60s
Time: 3:45

The ground was scatted with wood chips and some small prickly milk thistle. The Parasola plicatilis were found in small groups scattered abundantly throughout the field. They were at all stares of life with younger parasol being more stub-like and a brighter orange, and then becoming less saturated with age. The cap appears smooth while the mushroom is younger and becomes more pleated as the parasol matures. Parasolas are small and fragile. The caps are about 1.5 inches when gully grown, and the height of the mushrooms are about 3 inches. I saw a small patch of Leratiomyces percevalii. The stems are thicker and hardier looking then the parasol. They were also less common than the parasol. I could only find about 3 of them in the field. One of the Leratiomyces appeared to have been eaten by a slug. This deduction was based upon the the cap being clearly damaged by a scavenger and the entire body of the mushroom was covered in a clear slime. The mushrooms were about 4 inches tall with a 1 inch wide stem. The Dacrymyces stillatus growing on the hardwood fence tends to prefer conifers. It was bright orange and jelly-like. If wet, the Dacrymyces will puff up and appeared to absorb the water. This fungus is vibrant and slightly translucent. It is very small, with each jelly being about a couple of centimeters in length.

Species List
Leratiomyces percevalii
Parasola plicatilis
Dacrymyces stillatus

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