Gold Bar, WA 5/12/2012

Weather: clear blue skies with a light breeze. Temperatures in the mid 40's F

The ground directly off of the van was a rocky gravel but towards the edges, the ground was dense with called sticks and shrubs. The The first plant we identifies was Rhammus Purshiame. The leaves were long and a glossy green. In this area, there were an abundance in understory with less variety in trees. We saw a Linneae plant with two hanging twin flowers. The leaves were octal and the stem seemed delicate. The trees in the area were primarily cottonwood and alder, with some big leaf maples. We walked by some Japanese Knotweed growing out of stalks from the ground. We continued to the river back were somebody caught a bumble bee. Susan demonstrated how scotch broom flowers can only be pollinated by heavy bees.

The River bank had many cottonwood trees with visible roots. This clearly shows that the bank frequently floods. Th cotton wood grows their roots above ground in these situations to get nutrients from the water. Along the pathways, there were a lot of wood ferns emerging and already established, as well as indian plum and some low-lying sweet vernal grass.

species list
Red Alder Alnus rubra
Populus trichocarpa
Big Leaf Maple Acer macrophyllum
Rhammus purshiana
Linnaea borealis
Japanese Knotwood Polygrum cuspidatum
Scotch Broom Cystisus scoparius

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