17 de octubre de 2019

Becoming an iNatter

I've been using myriad other services for awhile, so I will be moving over past spottings for awhile. I absolutely love the Field entry function. Right now, I'm trying to fill in basics on all of my spottings using past weather data and elevation maps. Right now, I am including the fields: Count, Dead/Alive, Temperatures in F and C, Elevation in M and Ft, Weather, and Humidity. If any other universal data types are out there that I haven't thought of or found, let me know, because I am a chronic data compiler and get a thrill filling out as much as I can.

Now that I've seen the observations menu on the right side of this journal post composer, I'll probably go back through and make entries for each trip and attach the findings for each outing to it.

Right now, I'm trying to get an idea of what kind of things I could include in an outing kit. I know I want a thermometer of sorts for measuring water temperature when documenting a spotting associated with water. I have a small ruler, but so far I've forgotten to bring it, go figure. I'm getting ideas of useful items that I could maybe put in a side pouch or messenger bag.

I'm kind of debating pursuing a career in some kind of ecological fieldwork, too. I really enjoy nothing more than getting out and gathering data.

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