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14 de mayo de 2013

Unique plants at Jasper Ridge

I hiked to the Mapache Gate the other day to find some of my favorite plants I've only seen one of at JR. They are Chaparral Mallow, Wild Licorice and Chaparral Beardtongue. Unfortunately only the first was blooming. The others still in bud.

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18 de mayo de 2013

BioBlitz stats!

Here's a link to all the stats from the BioBlitz - up to 1264 observations & 239 species from 42 contributors at the time of this posting. Also check out the KQED article if you haven't seen it!

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28 de mayo de 2013

Rock Creek Park

BotanyGirl took me to Rock Creek Park in DC. Was great to see lots of new plants and photograph Hooded Warlber!

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