Fish Collecting in Bimini

I'm just back from a week-long trip collecting fish in Bimini, Bahamas for the New England Aquarium. We went out on the Coral Reef II, a specially-outfitted boat based in Miami. A mix of aquarium staff and interested participants were along for hand-netting fish while scuba diving. It's very labor intensive, but far better for the health of the fish and the reef to collect this way rather than use drugs or larger nets. It's a great opportunity for amateurs like myself to work alongside professional marine biologists and learn a lot about the behavior, biology, and care of these creatures. And it's pretty cool to visit the aquarium a few months from now after they have cleared quarantine and be able to point to a fish on display and say "I caught that."

Posted on 03 de marzo de 2013 by maractwin maractwin


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