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23 de marzo de 2017


A relatively quiet Thursday morning at my law office was the perfect opportunity to launch the Bogus Run Corridor iNaturalist project.

My goal is to create an orderly collection of observations of flora and fauna on Big Eastern, Inc. properties and on surrounding lands that I believe form a useful conservation zone.

At first, it's photographically oriented, meaning that most observations posted here will be ones with useful photographic evidence, particularly recent photos with dates and times as well as some kind of identification.

It's best characterized as a set of highlights too, at least initially, I'm not interested in documenting non-native species, nor getting into extremely tiny creatures let alone microscopic ones.

I'm excited about the opportunity to put this material in a useable, and hopefully attractive format. An initial goal is 1000 distinct creatures. Species identification is ideal, but I'll do the best I can.

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14 de marzo de 2017

What I'm Doing

I've been collecting photos and sometimes audio recording of observations of the natural world for a long time, but it's difficult to keep them organized in a way that's convenient for me and possibly contributes a little to scientific knowledge. This platform seems well designed to do both of these things so I'm moving some of the highlights here while I still remember the details.

No doubt I'll learn some better practices for doing this as I work, but at least I'm getting started.

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