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15 de septiembre de 2013


Lucky enough to be able to visit a new country to me, I was able to spend 17 days looking for nature and observing how people lived in:

  • Guatemala City (only staying at a hostel for my first and last nights in the country
  • Panajachel, at the edge of Lake Atitlan, for most of my stay but visiting various villages around the lake
  • Chichicastenango, mostly for market day
  • Quetzaltenango for a couple of days

Other than admiring the wonderful textile work done by Mayan women on a back-strap loom, and observing how they dresses and worked, my most favorite part was to spend some time in lush vegetation rich in fauna. Since it was the rainy season the challenge was to explore when the sun was out, particularly to see butterflies and insects.

My favorite location was "Reserva Natural Atitlan" about a kilometer away from Panajachel. It is a secondary forest that was, at some point, a coffee plantation and later an attempt was made to grow sugarcane. The major challenge for me was to be able to focus my camera with low light under the thick canopy while my glasses and viewfinders would fog up. Being alone on the trails and suspended bridges was a thrill. Time was of no importance and "Now" was all that mattered.

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