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03 de octubre de 2013

October 2, 2013

This was my first return to Crestridge since the end of July. First, I wanted to get a picture of the sign at the Horsemill Street entrance to use as a logo for this project. Done!

I knew the chaparral would be fairly dry but I was hoping mostly to test a new lens and let nature take me for surprises which I seems to always find.

Looking at the various oak species, I really had to search for acorns. I must be late.

Preparing for a field lecture on tracking, happening here on October 12th, I came across some tracks and scats. The afternoon light seems to help notice them, giving them greater depth and clear dimensions.

I am looking forward to a few healthy rains, new growth, and for the chaparral to bring us some blossoms fairly early compared to the rest of the Continental US.

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04 de octubre de 2013

Observers and observations

All observations at MDSP are welcome and I apologize for not staying o top of this project.

Please feel free to add more of your sightings of any grade and invite friends to join!

Thank you all for your contributions!

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28 de octubre de 2013

Tijuana River area on 10/27/2013

Great day with a couple of "iNaters." Still testing the new lens and getting better pictures of birds but branches seem to get in the way and birds on wires are just not as attractive as those in trees. Then, I forget all the names I am told...
Butterflies are still around and they are a delight!

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