What Plants Have I Tried to Grow?

Been getting into native gardening a lot over the past year. I figured I'd start keeping a list of the plants I've tried to grow, mainly just because I'll otherwise forget.


  • wild lupine (planted outside, grew to seedlings, died upon transplant)
  • wild basil (planted inside, grew to seedlings, died when I knocked over their pot)
  • common milkweed (planted outside, grew to seedlings with the help of a fence to deter rabbits)
  • swamp milkweed (planted outside, never grew)
  • butterfly milkweed (planted inside without cold strat, didn't grow)
  • various Symphyotrichum spp. (planted outside, never grew)
  • northern red oak (planted in pots outside and in garage, too soon to know result)
  • bitternut hickory (planted in pots outside and in garage, too soon to know result)


  • red osier dogwood (too soon to know the result)
  • american pussy willow (too soon to know the result)
  • green ash (twig grew leaves, but eventually died along with everything else growing in that jar)

I'm going to update this post every once in a while when I grow more things or remember plants I tried to grow before or just decide to make the formatting look better

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