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30 de agosto de 2018

3000 observations !

I definitely accomplished my goal that I set only 3 months ago, back in May: to get to 2000 observations. At the time, I expected to accomplish that within 2 years. Instead of making 1000 new observations in 24 months, (~42 obs/month), I made 2000 new observations in 3 months (~667 obs/month). Wow! I definitely did way better than I thought. I still have more observations from my trip to the Rockies to upload, but I think I'll try for 5000 total observations by 2019. That goal is slower than the observation speed I've had in the past three months, but the past three months were the middle of summer. School and colder weather will definitely limit my observations, so I think 2000 more in 4 months (~500 ob/month) will be achievable. Good luck to me.

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