No iNaturalist for a week

This week I will be doing my best not to be on iNaturalist. My thesis defence is next week so I'm cutting down on distractions. I'll be back after next Tuesday to catch up on all the Euphorb observations I missed out on, but I really need to focus on studying and preparing for now. See you in a week!

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Knock 'em dead!

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Wishing you the best!

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Hahhaha! Rehab clinics for iNat will be needed for some of us, huh? ;)

Best of luck, my friend!

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Good luck! You can do it! :-D

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Stop reading this post, get back to work!

Before my thesis defense, I spent a month where I cut myself off from all non-school related electronic communication. It really does make you more productive.

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Thanks everyone for the support! I took it yesterday and passed! Now all I have to do is finish up my thesis edits and I'll have my Masters Degree.

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Tried this to learn for my subspecialization exam. No camera, no iNat for 3 months. I planned. Looking back, had around 1000 observations in this time. ;)


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Big time congrats, Nathan! :)

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Welcome back! We missed you!

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@martingrimm I know the feeling. Part of why I cut it off so late. If I were to cut it off that early, I probably wouldn't have been as productive. I probably could have done it a little earlier, though. It was a bit hard at times not to look though.

Thanks everyone again!

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