08 de noviembre de 2019

Vertebrate Animals!

To be completely honest, this was a very tough assignment to fulfill. I thought it would be relatively easy to find and take photos of 5 different vertebrate animals. I was wrong. This assignment actually took me multiple nature walks to complete! The first time around, I couldn't find any animals, so I tried again the next day. Unfortunately, I didn't have time during the day, so by the time I went out and walked around, the sun was already beginning to set. I brought with me bread this time because I thought maybe it'd be easy to attract birds or squirrels close enough to me to snap a picture. This did not work, and I looked a little crazy throwing bread at trees to try and tempt some birds to come fly down to me. I also saw a whole family of raccoons, a smattering of squirrels and a handful of rabbits, but unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to snap a photo of any of them. So ultimately, I went back to the reservoir and managed to get photos of 5 different vertebrates. It was sunny, but cold and windy. Enjoy.

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18 de octubre de 2019


I captured these plants as I was walking to a coffee shop with my roommate! I was surprised to be able to find such a large variety of plants in such an urban area, where most of everything is concrete. I guess it just goes to show that no matter where you are, life always finds a way. It was a bright and sunny day, after a super rainy weekend, and the air was cold, but refreshing. Plants always seem to be somewhere close by, whether you're in a rainforest, or walking through a city center. Even though they were different plants, they all had similar characteristics which makes sense, given they were all in the same environment. All in all, a good trip that ended with good coffee.

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09 de octubre de 2019


On the 21st night of September...I found an abundance of mushrooms in New Hampshire! Also, it wasn't the night, it was actually the day. I just wanted to reference Earth Wind and Fire. Anyways, within an 100 foot square, I managed to find 4 different species of fungi! It had rained the day before, and the ground was still wet, but at the moment of observation, it was bright and sunny outside, with not a cloud in the sky. There was a stream nearby which probably provided to moisture necessary for these mushrooms to grow. It was actually quite surprising to see such a wide variety of species in one area! The lichen was found on BC's newton campus. I felt it was necessary to at least include one fungus species from around me.

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15 de septiembre de 2019

Reservoir Walk

Took a walk at the reservoir. The reservoir itself is a man-made structure, but the flora and fauna around, and in it, are all wild. The weather was a nice and warm 70 degrees, the sun was out, and it was beautiful. People were going on jogs and walking around, and there was quite a large flock of Canadian geese swimming and diving for food. There were also a lot of swans in the area, diving as well. It was pretty funny seeing them tip over. There were also turtles in the reservoir!! Which I was quite surprised to see! Three of them were just sunbathing on a rock and I spotted another two in the water. Overall, a beautiful and educational walk!

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