16 de junio de 2018

NPSO 2018 Annual Meeting 1-3 June, Central Oregon

NPSO Bulletin articles describing the location, field trips and speakers.

The following description of Lookout Mountain Field Trip, 2 June, is excerpted from NPSO Bulletin March 2018.

This mountain is the most well-known geologic feature in the western Ochoco Mountains as its flat top is visible for up to 50 miles in all directions. The steep Mother Lode Trail goes through coniferous forest, riparian springs, rocky rim, and scabland habitats up to the summit and you can return via the Independent Mine Trail. Hike 4–7 miles with 1,220’ elevation. gain. High point: 6,930’.

June 1 Field Trip: Coffer Ranch~ Deschutes Land Trust along Mill Creek and enjoy scenic views of unique rock formations and observed native grasses, phlox, prairie star, balsamroot, and bitterroot.

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