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When I first joined inaturalist, I submitted years of photographs with their accompanying data from my Flickr account. For the most part, these were photos whose subject or composition I was particularly proud of, such as a tack sharp American Coot, or a rarely seen insect, or a wildflower with a particularly nice bokeh. While this provided a rich trove of photos to begin with, it also left a great number of pictures hidden away on my hard drive, photos that weren't aesthetically appealing or were slightly overexposed, or just not particularly interesting to see. That has changed with 58-250 project. While I continue to collect new observations, and in the process, learn about groups of organisms that I had previously paid little attention to, there are quite a few perfectly identifiable photos from past outings that I'm sorting through and giving new life on inaturalist. Not a bad way to spend a few hours on a wet winter night!

This morning I spent a few hours out at the Panoche Valley, about 40 miles southeast of Hollister in San Benito County. This has always been one of my favorite areas to bird and explore, but starting next week, a massive solar farm will be going in and I wanted to get a few last pictures before the construction starts. Due to the drought, the bird life was way below normal for this time of year and fields that normally would be carpeted with thick, golden grass are almost bare dirt and there were hardly any grasshoppers compared to previous years. I will be posting the sighting from this area over the upcoming week.

Additionally, I have also added two new counties to my collection: Merced and Humboldt. That puts me at 22 out of 58 counties with at least one species-level, photographed identification. Slow but steady, isn't that what the tortoise said? :-)

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